Wireless Internet Provider Rate Quotes

Wireless Internet Provider Rate Quotes

We provide wireless Internet provider rate quotes to customers who
need fixed wireless service at competitive rates. Our partners deliver high
quality 3G and 4G Internet access in areas that are under served by wired
Proprietary equipment and proactive network management
combine to deliver a robust SLA without the hassle of a wired installation.
This kind of connection is perfect as a primary network or network continuity.

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Wireless Internet Provider Rate Quotes

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Fixed Wireless has the following benefits:
Coverage:  Greatest 3G/4G coverage of any network provider
Coverage that reaches 99% of all retail locations in the US,
Canada and Puerto Rico

Security:  PCI Compliant private Layer 2 connectivity
Static or Dynamic IP address

Installation:  No professional installation required
Ethernet Connectivity
3-Day Installation
Self or Professional Installation

Equipment:  Low Cap-X with managed bundle equipment offering
Proprietary hardware providing better performance and management

Managed Service: Robust service level guarantee.
Low Bundled Monthly Charge (Service & Hardware)
24/7 Health Status Monitoring and Support

We also offer high bandwidth fixed WiMax connections in the following markets:
Atlanta | Austin | Baltimore | Boston | California | Chicago | DallasHouston
Las Vegas | Los Angeles | Miami | New York | Orlando | Philadelphia | Phoenix
San Antonio | San Diego | San Francisco | Seattle | Texas

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